Tourism council of the Kaliningrad region is a permanent Advisory body, established by the decree of the Governor of the Kaliningrad region of October 15th, 2012 No. 238 for the purpose of considering issues and preparation of proposals for development of competitive tourism industry on the territory of the Kaliningrad region. The Tourism Council of the Kaliningrad region is under the chairmanship of the Governor of Kaliningrad region N. N. Tsukanov and consists of heads of Executive authorities of the Kaliningrad region, members of the Kaliningrad regional Duma and regional tourism industry representatives.

Main tasks of the Tourism Council of the Kaliningrad region are:

  1. Examination of issues and formulation of proposals for development of priority orientations of tourist activity in the Kaliningrad region;
  2. Proposals development for regional budgeting in compliance with the scope and purposes of strategies on realization of the complex programs for development of tourism in Kaliningrad region;
  3. Development of proposals and recommendations related to the growth of tourism in Kaliningrad region, on issues that are within the competence of Federal Executive bodies and their territorial bodies in the Kaliningrad region, bodies of local self-government of municipalities of the Kaliningrad region;
  4. Proposals on improvement of legislative regulation, and stimulating the development of tourist activity.

Provision of organizational and technical support of the Council is held by the Ministry for tourism of the Kaliningrad region.