Main tasks of cross-border cooperation in Russian Federation are:
  1. creating an environment of trust, mutual understanding and good neighborly relations between the authorities, the business community and the population of the border territory of the Russian Federation.
  2. development and strengthening of economic, cultural and humanitarian ties between the border territories of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries;
  3. promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of the border territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries;
  4. simplification of mutual communication of the concerned authorities, business circles and groups, including ethnic communities, separated by state boundaries, support of compatriots abroad, living in the border area;
  5. cooperative effective development of economic and social infrastructure in the border areas;
  6. joint consideration of economic, transport, energy, utility, environmental, socio-demographic, humanitarian and other problems of border areas;
  7. support of the organizations involved in the development of the border area and the development of cross-border cooperation by the bodies of state power of the Russian Federation and bodies of local self-government;
  8. creation of conditions conducive to the passage of the export and import of goods across the border territory of the Russian Federation, including the promotion of the arrangement of checkpoints across the state border, transport infrastructure, customs warehouses, terminals and so on;
  9. improving the efficiency of production and social base of the border area;
  10. implementation of a coherent architectural policy in the border area;
  11. creation of conditions for integration of systems of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of the neighboring countries with the aim of increasing the efficiency of emergency response with transboundary effects;
  12. creation of conditions conducive to the cessation of migration from strategically important and sparsely populated border area;
  13. counteractions of the nationalism, chauvinism, ethnic and religious separatism, ethnic tensions in the border area in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  14. assistance in the implementation of Russian domestic and foreign policy, national interests and national security at the state border of the Russian Federation, including in the sphere of combating terrorism, unlawful drug trafficking and
  15. other offences.