By car

The Kaliningrad region has a developed hard surface road network. The majority of the roads do not comply with the broadness standard accepted in Russia; moreover, they are notable for their tortuosity. The speed on most of the roads in the Kaliningrad region is limited by 70 km/h (not 90 km/h) because of the trees growing along the roads and posing a serious threat. However, since 2009 there are highway sections with a speed limit of 110 km/H.

Main roads:

The Littoral ring: the newly constructed highway in the Kaliningrad region, which already connects Kaliningrad, seaside resorts Svetlogorsk, Pionersk, Zelenogradsk and Khrabrovo international airport, and in the coming years will also connect them with the towns of Baltiysk, Svetlyi and Yantarnyi. The ring is planned to be introduced in 2015.

- A-229: “Kaliningrad-Znamensk-Chernyakhovsk-Gusev-Nesterov-Lithuanian border” (then towards Vilnius and Minsk).

- A-216: “Kaliningrad-Znamensk-Talpaki(road fork with A-229)-Bolshakovo-Sovetsk-Lithuanian border” (then towards Šiauliai, Riga).

- “Kaliningrad-Zelenogradsk-Rybachy-Lithuanian border” (then towards Klaipeda; goes along the Curonian Spit, environmental fee is charged).

- “Kaliningrad-Ladushkin-Mamonovo-Polish border” (then towards Elblag and Gdansk).

- “Kaliningrad-Bagrationovsk-Polish border” (then towards Warsaw).

By plane

Airlines operating at the airport “Kaliningrad-Khrabrovo”: “Rossiya”, “Aeroflot”, “S7”, “Belavia”, “Air Baltic”, “Utair”, “Uzbekistan Airways”, "Ural Airlines", "Air Berlin".  The airport provides flights to: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Warsaw (Poland), Gomel (Belarus), Grodno (Belarus), Minsk (Belarus), Kiev (Ukraine), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Riga (Latvia), Berlin (Germany) 

More information on the website:

By bus

Visitors are offered a regular bus service with several towns of Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Ukraine and Belarus.

Tel. of “Yuzhny vokzal” (bus station “South”): +7 (4012) 64-36-35
Tel. of International bus station “KoenigAuto”: +7 (4012) 99-91-99

By train

The railway station “Kaliningrad passazhirsky” (passenger station in “Yuzhny” railway terminal) provides communication with such cities as: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Adler, Murmansk. Communication with some destinations is provided in summer time only.

To be allowed to go from Kaliningrad to other parts of Russia and back crossing the Lithuanian border, citizens of the Russian Federation have to be issued a special document – Facilitated Rail Transit Document (FRTD). In order to get it, a Russian citizen has to buy a ticket in any booking office in the Russian Federation not later than 28 hours before departure. The document is issued by consular officers of the Republic of Lithuania after filling in the form in one the following transit trains: 

  1. 1. No. 29 Moscow - Kaliningrad 

  2. 2. No. 147 Moscow - Kaliningrad 

  3. 3. No. 79 St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad 

  4. 4. No. 425 Chelyabinsk - Kaliningrad 

  5. 5. No. 360S Adler - Kaliningrad 

  6. 6. Murmansk, Russia - Kaliningrad (non-transfer car)
7. No. 30 Kaliningrad - Moscow 

  8. 8. No. 148 Kaliningrad - Moscow 

  9. 9. No. 80 Kaliningrad - St. Petersburg 

  10. 10. No. 426 Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk 

  11. 11. No. C Kaliningrad - Adler 

  12. 12. Kaliningrad, Murmansk (non-transfer car).

Passengers are not allowed to go by the train without a valid facilitated transit document or visa. The duration of stay is no longer than 6 hours. The Facilitated Rail Transit Document does not allow crossing the Lithuanian border by other means of transport. It is issued for citizens of Russia only

Railroad station “Kaliningrad-passazhirskiy” 

+7 (4012) 60-08-88 or 8 800 775 0000

By ferry:

Currently, there are two ferry lines connecting Kaliningrad with Europe and Russia. All ferry routes start from Baltiysk (a town in the Kaliningrad region).
1. Ferry "Baltiysk - Ust-Luga" (Kaliningrad Region – St. Petersburg) is offered by "Baltfinn" and "Trans-Exim" companies. The disadvantage of this line is in the fact that the ferry arrives not in Saint Petersburg, but in Ust-Luga port, 150 km away from the city. The line is serviced by “Petersburg”, a comfortable passenger-and-freight ferry. The ferry departs 1-2 times a week. For further information contact the office of the shipping company, where you can also buy tickets to go from Baltiysk. Tickets from Ust-Luga can be bought directly at the place of departure.

Address of "Baltfinn": 45 Suvorova Street (3rd floor), Kaliningrad 
 Tel.: +7 (4012) 660-401 
 Tel. in Ust-Luga: +7 (812) 335-66-11

Address of "Trans-Exim": 45 Suvorova Street (ground floor), Kaliningrad  
Tel.: +7 (4012) 66-04-68, 66-04-70  

2. Ferry “Gdynia-Baltiysk-Gdynia”. The ferry departs on Saturdays. It goes from Gdynia at 8.30 (local time), and at 14.00 (local time) from Baltiysk. The journey takes 4 hours. One way ticket costs 600 rub, a return ticket – 1000 rub. For further information contact the office of “Zolotaya Orhideya” travel agency. There you can also buy tickets to go from Baltiysk. For information about ferries from Gdynia contact “Zeglyga Gdanska”.

Address: "Baltma tours": Kaliningrad, Mira prospect, 49/51 Tel/Fax: (4012 ) 931-931 
Address: Zegluga Ecstasy": Gdansk, Ul. Pończoszników 2, tel (58) 301-74-26.